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Our team of Hungarian translators specialises in legal, financial, medical & technical translations. Due to their proactive attitude they are always ready to help resolve any issues and flexible to meet any requirements. They are committed to undertaking continual professional development and they abide by professional standards of ethics, conduct and practice.



edy2Edmond  | Why Choose Me?

My name is Edmond , I am an author, Hungarian translator and proofreader and worked as a university teacher in Romania until the 1.10.2015.

Hungarian is my mother tongue, German is my father tongue and Romanian is the language of my country. I have been speaking all three languages for over 40 years, ever since I was born. Later, my mother had an excellent idea and had me taught English in private. Then, I added French to my knowledge and then I learnt Polish.

About me

So far, I have translated from Hungarian to English and from English to Hungarian thousands of pages, my work including hungarian translations of websites, articles and books. I have been translating legal texts for years now, mainly in the combinations German to Romanian, Romanian to German, English to German, but also French to German. Nevertheless, I have acquired experience in the fields of history, economics, religion, as well as in the technical field and many others. No text is too difficult, the only reason for a translation problem is that it be solved.

Honesty, accuracy, punctuality and many more

My Education as Hungarian Translator

Faculty of Letters of the “Babeș-Bólyai” University in Cluj-Napoca, one more faculty and two MA degrees. Hence I am a qualified Hungarian translator
My motto is “Development by translation”, which provides the best possible translation courses.

Services I offer as Hungarian Translator

Hungarian Translation Services, Hungarian Proofreading services, other language services on demand.
On demand, as mentioned above.

Hungarian Translation and Interpreting fields I specialise in

After translating literally thousands of pages I can say that I do not shy away from any kind of text, however, I have mainly translated legal texts. Apart from that, there are certain texts I cannot accept due to their nature, which contradicts my own conscience, for instance, certain medical texts, chemical texts
I focused more on Hungarian translations and less on Hungarian interpreting services, however, I am able to interpret from and into English, German, Hungarian and Romanian, the field of specialisation is no problem, provided that I am provided with the necessary terms.

Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

Reviews about my Hungarian Translation services

I can provide reviews on my Hungarian Translation services on request